Please Enjoy These Socialites' Wild and Marvelous Hats

If socialites can be relied upon for one thing in this day and age, it’s their willingness to wear a wild custom hat to an invite-only daytime event. And God bless them for it.


Page Six reports that yesterday was the Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon, hosted annually by the Central Park Conservancy. This is important because this particular event is known as the “Hat Luncheon,” and it’s an excuse for socialites to trot out some of that custom headgear, much to the entertainment of us plebs.

Martha Stewart was in attendance but her hat looked a little phoned-in, and apparently she was supposed to wear something entirely different. You see, it’s just that when you have so many houses, things get misplaced.

Martha Stewart donned an uncharacteristically demure wide-brimmed straw hat. She told us she’d bought a designer Borsalino chapeau for the event, but left it at the wrong home: “When I went to find it today, it wasn’t there, so I called my housekeeper at my house in Maine, and there it was. I’d taken it up there for a photo shoot.”

Excuses, excuses—doesn’t change the fact she looked very drab next to somebody like “man-about-town” Di Mondo.


And this unidentified woman, who wore what appears to be Central Park’s Belvedere Castle on top of her noggin.


I mean, look, even if you go simple you’ve got to go bright, because if not you’ll be outshone by the floral arrangements.


Furs and a rose garden, very fresh.


Do you suppose this Dali-like clock is intentionally reminiscent of fondant?


This woman looks like actual three-fire emoji.


There should really be more occasions in this life for hats.

Photos via AP Images, Getty Images, Splash News.

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I say we bring hats back. Starting with this one:


They keep sun off your neck/face, and shield your eyes from sun as well! And lets not forget how they cover your hair on days when it just won't do what you want. And they are (or will be) VERY FASHIONABLE.