Please Enjoy Bill Nye the Fashion Guy

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Image via Getty.

There still remain many delights in the world, and one of those delights is the person of Bill Nye dressed up in a semi-metallic star suit.


Time reports that Nye walked the runway for Nick Graham’s New York Fashion Week Show on Tuesday night. According to Vogue, Graham is working on a bow tie collection with Nye, and is also responsible for dressing him on his new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World. That sounds like a great gig. Graham told Vogue, “He’s had such an amazing and positive impact on millions of people and their understanding of science. The more people know about science, the better off the planet will be.”

Graham’s entire show was “Mars-themed,” and he closed it out with astronaut Buzz Aldrin, which led to some more pleasantly distracting photo ops:

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

In the interview with Vogue, Nye revealed that he owns 500 bow ties, which seems like a lot, but he probably gets them from his family every year for his birthday. When asked about how he started wearing this signature accessory, Nye said, “I started in with bow ties as a waiter at the girls’ athletic banquet in 11th grade. I found the bow tie made me looked dressed up. It also shows respect for those around you. And a bow tie does not slip into the soup or flop into a flask the way a straight tie does so easily.”

Nye has more fussy advice about fashion, like wearing “socks that go up to your knee” so you don’t “appear to be coming undressed when you cross your legs while seated,” but when he finally walked down the runway he was reportedly in cheerful spirits, smiling and waving at the applauding crowd. Buzz Aldrin was also just happy to be here:


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Would U Rather:

- Shop for Bowties with Bill Nye?


- Yell at the Moon with Buzz Aldrin?