Please Click and Share on Facebook: These Legs Are Just Like the Dress But Different

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

A new optical illusion is dividing the internet. What do you think? Answer by pasting the link to this article on a friend or acquaintance’s Facebook page!

Some people see oily, glazed legs—others see paint. I see viral content, if we’re being honest.

Please share.

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Rom Romberts

it’s just a picture of legs that cuts to an image of a man standing in a burning house and he has a goat head and his eyes are the black of the void and then it cuts back to an image of legs with paint on them and then it’s the goat headed man and he’s closer to the foreground and I can smell sulfur and then it cuts right back to the image of legs with paint on them and then the image blurs and the goat headed man is in the room with me and I think I have to go with him