Please Caption This Photo of Fleabag Meeting Logan Roy & Don Draper

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I have watched so much television in the last year that I’m having trouble remembering that actors aren’t their fictional counterparts. TV shows aren’t real, never meet your anti-heroes, etc., and yet, I’m still struggling to reckon with the revelation that Fleabag and Logan Roy actually exist in the same universe.

Indeed, Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Succession’s Brian Cox met at the AFI Awards luncheo in Los Angeles on Friday. Cox wore sunglasses! Waller-Bridge’s TV sister, Sian Clifford, was also there! So was Jon Hamm! What is Jon Hamm doing?

Image: via Getty

Fleabag won a special award at the AFI (it’s not an American program, so it technically doesn’t qualify), and Succession was honored as one of the best television programs of the year. Also this happened:

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Explain what’s happening in caption form, please and thank you.

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