Please Be Kind to the Wine Cave Community During This Trying Time

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You know, there was once a time in America when you could vibe in your wine cave with your billionaire buddies in peace. And now, it’s under attack, thanks sneering lefties like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Because of their unfair characterization of wine caves as ideal venues for birthing nefarious schemes, modest and not at all annoying politicians like Pete Buttigieg have to spend time defending his time spent within them, sipping $900 bottles of wine under Swarvoski crystal chandeliers. Not fair!


Luckily, some brave Americans have come out of the woodwork to defend the humble wine cave from this smear campaign and defend billionaires in the process. God bless them!

But in all seriousness, at least Julián Castro has some sense about this bullshit:


Dutiful First Daughter Ivanka Trump insists that her father, President Trump, is energized by his impeachment, and so are his supporters. She said as much in an interview with Norah Roberts on Face the Nation, which will air in full later on December 29.


“This is historic, as you note,” Trump said. “Including the fact that it is the first truly purely partisan impeachment.”


A lot of words can be used to describe the impeachment of President Clinton, but nonpartisan is certainly not one of them! While some congressional Democrats voted in favor of Clinton’s impeachment, the entire ordeal was a partisan affair from start to finish. But okay, Ivanka.

  • Here’s former Trump administration mouthpiece Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempting to backtrack after clowning Joe Biden during Thursday night’s debate:
  • Get ready: Nancy Pelosi cordially invited President Trump to the State of the Union address and she was snarky about it.
  • Beto O’Rourke is creating a PAC to support Democrats running for office in Texas. [Texas Tribune]
  • The Democratic National Committee has raised the threshold again for the next debate. [NBC News]

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Dave Haaz-Baroque

“Do you drink wine? It’s been in a cave.”

Ahem. I’m pretty sure that the Boones Farm Strawberry Hill that I can afford has been maturing in a shed in a Modesto back yard, not some hoity-toity cave, thank you very much.