Playboy TV's New Show Sounds Like Trash • Air India Hostesses Fired For "Fat"

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Playboy TV is premiering a show titled 'Show Us Your Wits,' in which male contestants have to answer "simple" trivia questions while Playmates distract them. Witty! •

• A new study says that women's wardrobes house a collective £2.8 billion worth of ill-fitting, too-tight clothing due to yo-yo dieting. • Women who smoke during pregnancy are at an increased risk of delivering aggressive children, and for women whose household income is less than $40,000, the risk is even greater. • The body of a deceased baby delivered in a Jersey City hospital was mistakenly thrown out with the hospital's trash. • Ten air hostesses have been fired by Air India after being deemed too fat to fly. • A skier in Colorado hung naked from a chairlift for (a very uncomfortable) fifteen minutes before being helped down by employees. • Degas's famous bronze sculpture, The Little Dancer, is up for auction this February, and is expected to fetch between £9-12 million. • New research suggests that women who suffer even one miscarriage are more likely to experience complications with their next pregnancy. • Azar Nafisi, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, has just published her second memoir. • A 7'2" Pakistani woman has been granted asylum in Britain because she claims her height made her a target at home. • A new study has found that bulimics are more impulsive than those not afflicted with the disorder. • Nastia Luikin on the underage gymnasts scandal: "no matter what age they were, they were great gymnasts... they definitely deserved to win the gold medal that night." •

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I don't agree about the gymnasts. There are rules in place for a reason, and you can't just follow the ones you want and disregard the others.