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Play Fighting Leads To Real Tragedy

A goof-around session at a birthday party ended in serious injury and death for two Atlanta friends late last night, when the scuffling pair crashed through a 10th story window in the W Hotel.

The women, who were at the hotel attending a birthday party, were reportedly close friends.


This reminds me of an incident in Chicago this past October when a young woman on her way to a Halloween ball with a group of her girl friends fell off of the banister she was attempting to slide down and ended up falling several stories to her death.

Let both of these news stories be a lesson to everyone: don't horse around in hotels.


Women Fall From Hotel Window; One Dies [CNN]

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I had a friend who was in college and studying abroad in Asia. He fell off a hotel balcony while drinking with friends and died.

Please be careful when mixing alcohol and balconies, everyone!