55-year-old Cindy Jackson — whom we've met before — has spent over $100,000 on fifty-two different cosmetic procedures in her life. How is this possible, you ask? In her own words, she's had "14 full-scale operations with anestethics—only 14—but I've had botox, my upper and lower eyes done twice, five facelifts, liposuction." All in all, she's the Guinness World Record holder for the most surgeries as of this month (apparently Britain's Sarah Burge).

But it doesn't end there! She's also had some unconventional procedures that you likely haven't heard of—or even considered to be "problem areas." Jackson excitedly explains her issues with her knees: "On the inside of the knee you get that 'fat pad' that rubs together while you walk." (Lesson: Keep an eye out for knee fat, ladies.) Her most recent operation came after she realized that her "hands were letting her down," and had them injected to deal with her "prominent veins and tendons sticking up."

Whether or not you think she looks good is a matter of personal opinion. But there are some visual similarities to Heidi Montag that we just can't shake. But that's probably because, as New York mag pointed out, women are generally pursuing a very specific look — The New New Face.


Is Jackson afraid that she's messing with Mother Nature? No — Mother Nature started it! "Nature messed with me."