Plastic Surgery Will Totally Enhance Your Facebook Experience, Say Vain People

Study after study shows that more people are getting facial plastic surgery to perfect their social media close-up. Is it because the ability to see ourselves from multiple angles and megapixels makes us notice flaws we didn't know we had? Or is it because, as Betabeat's Jessica Roy says, "Social media has made self-presentation a blood sport?" She spoke with plastic surgeons and self-hating Skype users to figure it out:

"With a good degree of frequency, people will come in and say, ‘I saw myself in the mirror, but I didn't really notice it until I saw myself on Facebook or on my iPhone or iPad," Dr. Schaffner told us from his spa-like Midtown East office. "When you look in the mirror you're seeing the mirror image of yourself. But when you see yourself on social media, you're seeing yourself the way the world sees you."


For what it's worth, I prefer iChat's video chat feature to Skype and I believe it covers up a multitude of aesthetic sins. But maybe that's just me.

Facebook, Skype Give Cosmetic Surgery Industry a Lift [New York Observer]

Image via Robnroll/Shutterstock.

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