Plastic Surgeon Fined for Displaying Towers of Jawbones in His Office

File this under your "South Korea obsessed with plastic surgery" Google alert. A doctor who specializes in removing or shaving down women's jaws to make their faces more V-shaped has been displaying the excess pieces in his office. After photos of his jawbone towers went viral, Seoul's Gangnam District local police are fining him over $3171.

As expected, online commentary of the jawbone towers was negative. One user called the photos "the most gross, disgusting image I've seen in recent memory." With a penchant for understatement, the official who went on record about the fine added, "Plus it does look unseemly."


What's so unseemly about it, police officer? That this doctor was using people's discarded bones to advertise his practice? Or that it shows South Korea's obsession with plastic surgery writ large? Does this story going viral show our obsession with this country and its beauty industry? What other questions can a simple, innocent jawbone display raise about modern society?

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