Planned Parenthood President Won't Discuss Bill Clinton's Sexual Past

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Lately the media has zeroed in on Bill Clinton’s spotted sexual history, often in an attempt to discredit Hillary Clinton’s allegiance to women’s rights. But Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards regards Mr. Clinton’s infidelity as irrelevant to his wife’s campaign and stands by her organization’s official endorsement of her candidacy.

According to Time, Richards “declined to comment in an interview with [the magazine] on the recent attacks by Donald Trump on Bill Clinton’s sexual history. Instead, Richards said her endorsement was intended to focus on Hillary Clinton’s record on women’s issues.”

Richards tells Time,

“[The] reason we’re endorsing her today—the reason why hundreds of people across this country got together—is because Hillary Clinton is a longstanding champion of women’s health and women’s rights and not just planned parenthood: equal pay, access to birth control, access to safe and legal abortion.”


Lately Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called into question Clinton’s claim to women’s advocacy because of her marriage. On Meet the Press, he remarked that she is “married to an abuser. A woman claimed rape, and all sorts of things. I mean, horrible things.”

Bill Clinton has been accused of both rape and sexual assault but has denied all of these accusations.

But Richards emphasizes that the focus must be on what Hillary Clinton will do for women in the United States and the dangers of a Republican president.

“We know if Donald Trump or Ted Cruz have their way we’ll be back in the Stone Age,” said Richards in her official endorsement speech. “Hillary Clinton’s pledge, our pledge, my pledge will be that Planned Parenthood’s doors stay open.”


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chritter is a nocturnal feminist mancatfish

“A woman claimed rape, and all sorts of things. I mean, horrible things.”

Hm, sounds familiar.

“During a deposition given by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I stated that my husband had raped me,” the Ivana Trump statement said.…