Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger Goes Through Sleeping Husband's Phone and Discovers His Infidelity

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

For most, air travel is a time to briefly unhook from the Internet, watch a Catherine Zeta-Jones movie you think you remember hearing about (?), even, perhaps, submerge the passage of time a bit more definitely with free wine, or a pre-purchased depressant of one’s choosing.


But this news item begs the question: Why waste precious airborne hours in a state of semi-to-full-blown unconsciousness when you could spin out that time by double—even triple—in a state of abnormally heightened self-dramatization?

The Times of India reported on Monday that an “inebriated woman passenger” made such a loud, insistent commotion on her Qatar Airways flight from Doha, Qatar to Bali, Indonesia that the plane had to be diverted and make an emergency landing in Chennai, India.

The outburst was reportedly precipitated by the woman’s discovery that her husband had allegedly cheated on her. How did she she make this breakthrough whilst simultaneous hurtling through the sky? Sources told the Times that the woman unlocked her husband’s cellphone while he was sleeping by putting his unresponsive finger to its scanner and going through his messages.

At this point the woman, reportedly “a few drinks in,” began fighting with her husband (I guess he woke up) and “misbehaved” with the crew members who were attempting to mollify her.

The fighting family was held at the Chennai airport while the rest of the passengers eventually resumed their trip to Bali. The couple was reportedly sent back to Doha via Kuala Lumpur. Officials declined to press charges.

I suppose what it comes down to is you can watch The Bodyguard, then No Reservations, then Aloha, or you can express what is in your heart, your call.

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Oh my god, I can relate to this. Went through his phone when he went to the bathroom cause he had been pretty damn bad about hiding it earlier that day. Bam. Most recent text convo.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to say anything till we landed (thank fucking god we were on the way home) but something about the look he gave me when I sat down ... I lost it. Punched him right in the nuts. Did it a little too hard and the guy had to make prodigious use of the vom bag. Thankfully he (and I) didn’t make a scene beyond that so no emergency flight landings for us. Just stewed in silence until the sweet release of JFK.

Not too proud of it but yeah... there’s my inflightdelity story. Using burner for obvious reasons.