​Pit Bull Puppy Chemically Branded with the Word "Fuck" Gets a Makeover

A rescued pit bull puppy underwent cosmetic surgery after an incredibly depraved person used what appears to be chemical paste or liquid to write the word "fuck" on her body.


Last month, 7-month-old Felicity was found tied to a fence in Lexington, Kentucky and was taken in by the local Humane Society, who offered to perform a procedure to cover up her scar before sending her to a new home. Via Huffington Post:

Lexington Humane Society development manager Ashley Hammond told WKYT, "We think doing plastic surgery on her will make her a little more adoptable and we don't want people to make judgments on her based on her appearance." Hundreds of dollars were donated to help the Humane Society pay for Felicity's procedure.


The Lexington Humane Society is offering a $3,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Felicity's abuser. The reward has been increased from $1000 after people made some pretty generous donations. Hopefully they apprehend the monster and deal with him sooner than later.

What an awful ordeal for the pup to go through, but aside from a cold, it looks like Felicity's doing alright now.

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Goddammit. Pits are the most eager to please, loyal dogs. All they want to do is please their owners. Mine was also abused, she was very nervous around men. Now she's spoiled rotten.