Pistol Rifle-Packing Mamas

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"Some are hoping that a proliferation of cable television shows featuring young, attractive female hunters will also appeal to a broader audience, especially girls. 'The message is that it's OK to have pigtails, wear makeup and shoot things.'" [WSJ]

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I realize that it's not really the case at all, but seeing as how I'm in a very forgiving and light-hearted kind of mood tonight... in a twisted way there is, however, the indirect statement that doing xyz (in this case hunting, which while you may not agree with it, IS something that has traditionally been denied to a lot of women who might otherwise be interested in it) does NOT mean that you have to be viewed by society as non-female. Yes, yes, of course it goes much deeper than that, into the whole concept of female thing, but I'm just saying... within the fucked up world that we live in, at least they're sticking a crowbar into the jammed window, if not getting it open. Fucked up analogy? Blame the nyquil.