Pissed Neighbor Crashes Fashion Show Runway to Make Noise Complaint

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Australia Fashion Week commenced this week, and while it is fêted for being original and youthful and totally sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, apparently it is also simply too goddamn loud. During the opening show, for the much-anticipated showing by young Perth designer Kym Ellery, a totally pissed-off neighbor stormed through the crowds right onto the in-session catwalk to complain about the noise, for the love of god.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the show was held “inside the industrial hangars of Eveleigh’s Carriageworks,” but apparently the locale was not industrial enough because “the techno acoustics had proved too much” for homie next door, even though he lodged his complaint at 7:45 PM.

He was overheard screaming at security: “You have no respect for the local community, the noise is way too loud, this is a disgrace.”


A security guard later said the man was very upset.

“We have tried to calm him down. We don’t think he will be any more trouble”.

Seven forty-five is a little much, but honestly, I can relate to this dude. Sometimes at like, nine PM on a weekday, when the frat boys in the shitty condos across the way are having a loud, drunken rooftop party in which they play only garbage Aviici tracks, I think: “Hey, don’t these people know that they moved into a neighborhood populated by Latino families, many of whom who have little kids who have to go to middle school in the AM?” But I know they don’t care because their lives are young and carefree and monied and super-cool. Maybe the show at “Eveleigh’s Carriageworks” was totally pumping some offensive, like, fifth-rate trap EDM shit from Soundcloud and it offended noise-complaint-neighbor’s sensibilities. Sydney apparently doesn’t have 311? In the parlance of our times: gotta hear both sides.


That aside: the clothes in the Ellery S/S 2016 show were excellent, full of black and white satins and tinseled dresses in super easy, robelike structures, plus an oversized black trench with white pom-poms and another in a crinkly silver material that I die for.

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Tabby Gevinson

I get really frustrated with NIMBY’s like this.

Don’t choose to live in a big city if you’re going to complain when big city things are going on around you.