Pissed Bride Sues Over Terrible Wedding Video With Applause Track

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Here's a nuptial scenario to give you nightmares: a Brooklyn bride is suing her wedding videographer, claiming he used a bunch of tacky special effects including an applause track. I guess not everyone wants to feel like a network sitcom star on her special day?


According to the New York Daily News, bride Monica Nikchemny is alleging that her wedding videographer's final product was just a bunch of random snippets. To me, that sounds like the definition of a wedding video. But the lawsuit also claims that they missed big moments, plus "There were sitcom clapping sound effects in place of the guests at the wedding clapping," and "The breaking of the glass by the groom was dubbed by a fake sound."

"When I watched my wedding video it really sounded like I was watching an episode of 'Seinfeld,'" Nikchemny told the Daily News, which is pretty much the definition of worst case. Oh, and the company was also supposed to provide a little "love story" about the couple to show at the reception, and the concept they allegedly dreamed up honestly beggars belief. Details from the New York Post:

"They wanted him to wear women's clothes, he would look like a woman, I would have to put him in a dress and he would fall in love with me. It was a very stupid story," said Nickchemny, who wanted the company to produce a "Coming to America"-style film with her hubby cast in the Eddie Murphy role.

What the fuck?

Sadly, the neither the Post nor Daily News shared the video, so we have no way of verifying just how bad it actually was. It's only fair to the videographer to point out that Ms. Nikchemny wouldn't be the first bride to overreact just a tad. But she wants her money back, plus damages--$72,000 total, according to the New York Post. Guess that's one way to cover your costs.

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Uh. Did she ask for a do-over? Because, unlike in the old days when editing a film meant literally cutting and pasting film together, in The Modern Era everything is digital, which means that the original footage of her video should be available. Can't the company just make another video? They should be able to.

Unless they messed up the original footage in which case, yeah, I'd be pissed too.