Pinterest's Adorable DIY Offices Sound Like My Personal Hell

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You probably won't be surprised to learn that Pinterest has a corporate HQ full of twee, crafty little touches that fair scream D.I.Y. It is enough to make me run screaming in the other direction. Yes, I know that I am a cranky, crotchety bat.

BuzzFeed stopped by the startup's San Francisco offices and photographed the premises. Headline: "43 Ways Pinterest's Office Is The DIY Paradise You'd Expect." More like my own personal D.I.Y. purgatory. Glue-stick Tribulation. Finishing touches include: a Lego wall to which you are encouraged to add, a beam swathed in an enormous knitted sweater, a bike rack with a bike made into a planter and a row of heirloom tomatoes laid out on a table. Also, some wooden swings smack in the middle of the office.

And then there's the wall of crafting supplies. Yarn, a hammer, a bucket of ribbon—it feels like a test. Or maybe a dare! A challenge. Pistols at dawn.


I know many people love D.I.Y. and very much enjoy it as a leisure activity! But just looking at that wall o' supplies makes my palms sweat thinking about trying to mesh with the corporate culture of Pinterest. It's like one of those dreams where you didn't actually finish high school and you've got to go back to pick up a few extra credits to get your diploma and you don't even have any textbooks or a schedule and it's a whole big mess. Every time I pull so much as instant biscuits out of the oven I'm marginally amazed at myself for pulling it off. The only D.I.Y. I'm interested in would be Outlander knitwear and even then I'm just going to hire my vastly more talented cousin to make anything I truly must have. D.I.Y. is for the birds.

This has been your regularly scheduled reminder that you should not feel obligated to commit D.I.Y. Due to the holiday, this week the support group will meet Thursday afternoon, in the break room next to the vending machines full of non-homemade, non-organic snacks.

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