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Thus far today, I, the picture of health, have 1) watched six hours of the TV program ER, and 2) eaten a burrito. Pink, who has the flu, sang the National Anthem live during the most-watched television broadcast in the country. I suppose Pink’s performance might have sounded better had her body not been wracked with a debilitating viral infection, but considering I, a healthy person, couldn’t even be bothered to wash the plate that once held my burrito, I am very impressed. Also, there is a plate in my bed somewhere, and I should probably find it.

Here is Pink singing with the flu, and also throwing what appeared to be gum [update: it was a lozenge] on the ground, which hopefully Tom Brady steps on and gets stuck in his football shoes.

Pink is rooting for the Eagles, according to her Instagram. I was rooting for Pink, and now I have already won.