Pink and Nate Ruess Give You Everything At Last Night's Grammys

I will freely admit that I was not the biggest Pink fan when she debuted more than a decade ago with "There You Go." But wow, has she completely grown on me over the years, and it's largely due to the amazing performances she does at awards shows like the Grammys yesterday.


In case you missed it, Pink first came out and did a sky-high acrobatic rendition of "Try," complete with a muscular dance-off with a guy who can best be described as Captain Thigh Muscle. With so many pop divas from her era having trouble figuring out their place in the spotlight, Pink's whole approach of "fuck it, lemme just learn how fly or something" is pretty spectacular. How she even manages to do this and still manage to jump off, throw on a skirt and give a ground-shaking rendition of "Just Give Me A Reason" with Fun's Nate Ruess is pretty mindblowing, indeed.

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I think she's a really underrated woman in Pop. She's interesting and her music has grown on me. The performances I've seen have been stellar. She nailed this performance - front to back. I think Nate Ruess has a terrible voice... it makes me turn my head like a Labrador listening to a whistle.