Pig Poops on Reporter

“So, I’ve actually milked goats... I am the celebrity goat-milking champion,” is what this reporter says before being pooped on by a pig.

Prior to having the pig handed to her during a live segment at a pig racing event (...) in Houston, Maggie Flecknoe had no idea how upset this pig’s stomach had been all day.

And that’s where this tragedy begins.

Let’s slow it down with a play-by-play.

The adorable dirty pig appears to be thinking about pooping.


Once in Maggie’s hands, the pig seems to get scared and starts squealing. He tries to warn everyone that this... probably isn’t a good time. That’s the face of an animal who doesn’t want to poop on you but has to.


The pig poops. The reporter screams—“Oh, he pooped in my hand!” A giddy statement of disgust disguised in a fit of giggles.

The pig sighs.


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