Piers Morgan Has Full-On Meltdown Over Accusations of Transphobia

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Last night, Piers Morgan had trans activist Janet Mock on his program. It did not go well. And today, when confronted about it by various trans activists and allies, he threw a Twitter temper tantrum for the ages.


Cliff's notes version of the dramz: Morgan is upset that he's being accused of transphobia and insists that during the interview, Mock seemed fine with his line of questioning. But today, Morgan would have been better served to step away from the computing machine and prep for a revisit of that discussion tonight rather than engaging like a jackass on Twitter. It's hard to pick a moment that's the most over the top and childish, but here are a few good ones.

The time he suggested that she owes him an apology.

Here's him appealing to his good buddy Jordan Catalano Jared Leto.

And demanding that Women, Action, & the Media "pipe down."


And when he started really grasping at straws with the cut-from-a-Bond-villian soliloquy snappy comebacks:


We'll have something more in-depth about just why it was fucked up that Piers kept referring to Mock as someone who was "born a boy" and creepily focusing on her genitalia during her interview on the show soon, but for now, enjoy the Twit fit.

Can't wait to see what happens on his show tonight. My guess? Not the apology Morgan demanded from Janet Mock.



In no way would I ever advocate discriminating or mistreating anyone in the trans community, but can I ask some honest questions that I have due to ignorance? I don't know any trans people closely so I honestly do not know the answers to these questions:

Why is focusing on her genitals odd? Isn't that what makes a person a man or a woman? If it's not important at all, then why have the surgery to begin with? Men and women can both cross-dress without life-changing, body-altering surgery while trans activists always say genitals aren't important, but aren't they the ones making it an issue?

I've heard that gender is a construct like race, but if I dye my skin black I would not be accepted as black by the black community, and my life experiences prior to dying my skin would have given me no education on what it is like to be black. Would I actually *be* black? And if not, why is dramatically altering your genitals considered to make you actually be the gender you have changed to?

Considering that the medical technology to change genders has only existed for a relatively short period of time, couldn't it be possible that the body dysmorphia trans people experience is a mental condition rather than a physical one? If the technology didn't exist, would trans people just have to suffer their entire lives? Are the residents of poor countries who feel this way just forever out of luck?

These are just my honest inquiries about something I know very little about. I did not watch the interview but I have no doubt that Piers Morgan was terrible like he always is and I have no desire to defend him, but can anyone knowledgeable answer my questions? I have nothing but empathy for people who undergo oppression and shunning from society but I cannot act like I understand everything about this group of people. I await the angry shouts of people who have no interest in trying to create a bridge of understanding, unaware that unlike countless others who are actively hostile to their worldview, I am sympathetic but lacking in information.