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Pick-Up Artists Set Their Eyes on the Prize: North Korean Women

Illustration for article titled Pick-Up Artists Set Their Eyes on the Prize: North Korean Women

Pick-up artists are nothing if not resourceful. After being cockblocked by all those independent, assertive feminists in Western countries, they've set their sights on distant lands - namely North Korea, where authoritarianism or other socioeconomic realities make them into the ultimate forbidden fruit.


And as reported by The Wire, tour companies have even started catering to PUAs, with Koryo Tours posting the following answer to the age-old PUA question, "Can I seal the deal with a North Korean girl?":

While not technically illegal this isn't something which is commonly achieved. It is much discussed by certain tourists but despite some serious efforts by some of the people on tour I have never once known of this conclusively happening. North Korea places great pride in its national homogeneity and is a deeply conservative culture, thus hooking up with a visiting foreigner would be something a bit shameful and also something quite out of character for almost all the women there (the men too, despite their bouts of braggadocio and masculine preening regarding their pick-up skills), not to mention somewhat unprofessional for people in the service industry. Its basically not something that can be realistically expected to happen; flirting is common, developing a crush on someone is universal, but beyond that we would have to disappoint. But thwarted Casanovas shouldn't feel too down about it; we travelled there a few years ago with a group of professional pick-up artists, and they all struck out too, to try and fail places you in illustrious company!


By the way, the PUAs on the Roosh V forum call having sex with a North Korean woman getting one's "NK flag." Achieving this is ultimate in pathetic PUA dick-measuring because of how naive and pliant societal oppression makes that country's women.

Roosh and his cohort haven't just set their sights on North Korea. They also discuss "pussy paradise" Ukraine on their forum, as Katie J.M. Baker has discovered. If you thought the PUAs would be concerned about peace from governmental turmoil Russian aggression in that then HAHAHAHAHA. They're actually concerned with Ukraine joining the EU, which could presumably make women more financially independent and thus less vulnerable to these manly men and their harassment.

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Regina Lynx (is getting weary of the greys)

But don't you stoopid 'Murican wimminz know that forcing men to seek pussy as far away as possible is actually all your fault? Because like,

The average American woman is anything but confident; she's a neurotic wreck, one missed therapy session from committing suicide. She gulps down antidepressants like candy, she shoves food in her face like a starving Ethiopian, she spends hours a week watching mindless TV shows and movies that validate all the bad decisions she makes, she has meaningless sex with men she can't stand sober to fill the widening hole in her soul, and she derives her self-worth from her makework paper-pushing job. And she has the gall to call herself "confident" when she's never faced any of the real crises or tribulations that are a prerequisite for developing confidence.

'Speshully when you gurls are, like, soo fat - and mental to boot:

Here's a fun fact to brighten your day: fat girls are crazy. No, really: scientists have established a link between obesity and all kinds of mental illness, from anxiety to psychiatric disorders. And the reason why I say "fat girls" and not "fat people" is because women in general already have much higher rates of mental illness than men; a full 25 percent of American girls are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

And if that wasn't enough, you dare to choose your own husbands and fight your natural instincts about actually wanting to be the weaker sex:

The state of woman is submissiveness, now and forever.

But the abso-lutely posi-tively worst thing you can do is to think that, you know, you're good enough as it is and don't need to prove anything for anyone:

A woman with excessive confidence is like a man with a vagina. It's an attribute that is at best superfluous and at worst prevents women from fulfilling their natural biological and social functions. In order for America to right itself, there needs to be a massive and concerted war on female self-esteem.

Because, you know, confidence doesn't give men erections. With love from this charming fella (who, by the way, just loooooves insecure women):

This is Matt Forney. I looked it up and didn't find any posts on him yet, maybe some of the 'Jizzabellers' can take up the task. I bet Roosh V is the Gríma Wormtongue to this guy's Théoden (as he is, obviously, a king). But wait! If any of you 'Jizzabellers' cross him you'd better know that he can knock your lights out whenever it tickles his fancy:

Those womens' self-defense classes you took at the community center? Completely worthless. I can defeat any "self-defense method" by simply uppercutting you in the jaw.

Sorry, long post, but these gems were just too good to pass. So, actually, by this logic, 'Murican wimmen with their independence, agency, and freedom of choice have inevitably robbed men of theirs. So sad.