Photoshop Treatment Not Just For Models Anymore

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Are you an "Inquiring Siren" who wants to exercise her god-given right to be Photoshopped? One boudoir photo studio is here to help — because "every woman deserves to see herself retouched."

A reader received this email in error, but thoughtfully forwarded it on to us. Now we're passing it along to you so that you can take advantage of Rachel Stephens's retouching and "bromance:"

Hello Inquiring Siren,

Thank you so much for your email! We know there are many options available to you and we appreciate your interest in our services. For our complete site chock full of handy dandy information, philosophy, portfolio, news and client testimonials check out

Our clients range from 20 to 60+ years young of all shades, shapes and sizes. Services include top notch location, hair & makeup, glamour industry standard retouching (that's right, Rachel even retouches proofs to spare her clients ever having to see dark circles or cellulite!), wardrobe styling, artist direction and a safe and nurturing environment.

We answer the most frequently asked questions: FAQs

Sirens sessions start at only $250, deposits to secure your place on the list are only $100 (deposits go towards your session fee): PRICING

Want more specifics about pricing and product pricing? Please call [redacted]. As a rule we do not share our product pricing in writing. In an effort to protect ourselves from poaching photographers posing as potential clients (there's a tongue-twister for ya'), we only discuss product pricing over the phone. Once you book your session, a price list will be provided to you. We thank you for your understanding!

Military discount (military ID required to qualify), couples option (additional person fee required) and gift certificates available. Please inquire. Samples of couples sessions: COUPLES

Polish, trim and perfecting with glamour industry standard retouching, all included in our services: ADVANCED RETOUCHING

Events, where and when (don't see your location or the date not working for you? Consider traveling in to any event for a girls weekend or a romantic getaway with your special someone. Nearly half of our clients travel in for their sessions on every event): SCHEDULE

We know that budgets are tight in our current economical climate so we are here to help you facilitate this wonderful experience for yourself. We offer interest free and service fee FREE payment plans on both sessions and product. No credit check and no hidden fees of any kind. We take all major credit cards. Since the work starts when Rachel works images back home in Oregon, we don't charge sales tax. Yet another perk to choosing us for your photography needs.


Nervous? On the fence? Not sure we're the real deal? Want to confirm we are legit? Join our Facebook group and participate! Feel free to post a comment on the wall and be greeted by fellow Sirens. Many the bromance have blossomed from the group! Photos are most up to date in the group and don't miss exclusive offers sent out only to members in the group. Please join our Facebook group and invite your friends too!

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We hope to hear from you soon in order to welcome you into our Sirens family.

Remember, every woman deserves to see herself retouched. J


Rachel Stephens Photography for Women

We guess boudoir photography isn't known for its verisimilitude, and there's nothing wrong with wanting a retouched photo of yourself if that's your thing — but at the same time, the waist-whittling animations at Stephens's site are a little disturbing. As our reader comments, "You, too, can be just like the woman on the cover of Vogue." Just make sure you don't come out looking like this lady.


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I don't think a little retouching hurts anyone, as long as it doesn't go overboard. I think it's pretty standard these days - taking redness and spots off faces, etc. I think as long as it's not gone way out of control, it can be a good thing for someone's self-image. (If it's you almost beyond recognition, that might be a bad thing for self-image!)

It's like that photo everyone has that was snapped at X's birthday 2 years ago, where the dress was just right, the light was hitting your face in just the right way, your makeup was perfect, and you have the best expression. It's a one-in-a-million shot, where the planets aligned just right, and we all know we probably don't look that awesome every day. But it's really nice to look back and HAVE that as a self-image. To have proof, almost, that yes, you can be sock-rockin' straight-up-and-down, drop-dead gorgeous. I think a little retouching is a bit like that. It provides a mental image that you can cherish of yourself, even while realising it may not be true every day.

And you know what else I've realised? To people who love you, you probably look like that most awesome photo every day to them, because love does that to your eyes. So it's cool to 'see yourself through someone else's eyes' and realise you're a sexy cat : )