Photoshop Solved: Kimora's Ad Cribbed From Vogue Cover

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When Kimora Lee Simmons's new fragrance ad first came out, it was obvious that she'd Photoshopped her head onto a model's body. But we think we've unraveled the mystery of how this vision came to be. Let's examine more closely!


As a tipster has helpfully pointed out, the March 2005 cover of French Vogue features model Daria Werbowy in pretty interesting. Daria's sporting a Louis Vuitton ensemble that's similar, though not identical, to what Kimora's body double is wearing. In fact, the entire shot is similar, from the pose to the styling. But fashion is always derivative, right? Where Kimora crosses the line from "derivative" into "Photshop," however, is on the matter of those legs.

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With a quick horizontal flip of the Vogue cover, we can better appreciate Daria's gams and how they've been nicely repurposed for Kimora. In Kimora's ad, the shorts get a slightly different pattern and a lower waistband, the red shoes are tweaked (but keep that peep-toe!), and her right hip (our left) seems to be filled out a tiny bit, with the thigh getting a dose of sexy reflective lighting. And the overall skin tone is lightened (interesting how that happens). But the angle of the hips and thighs, the positioning of the shorts, their fit on the hips and lower abdomen — it's a solid cut and paste. As for that bent leg, the groin muscle and thigh area are identical, though Kimora's calf seems to be turned out a bit more, because it's probably taken from elsewhere. Combined with the differently posed arms, this suggests that Kimora's Photoshop is really a delicate collage of limbs and muscles from at least three — but maybe four, or five — different models. And that, friends, is what we call teamwork.

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One of the main reasons I object to all this photoshop bullshit is the average american woman that isn't privy to the real story thinks "Oh my god she has had 3 kids and she still looks like that???" I know, I know alot of women know what's up but I still think that there are alot that don't and it makes them feel like shit. Way to keep it real Kimora, we all believe that you still look like you're 16 uh huh *nudge nudge wink wink*

*le sigh*