Photoshop of Horrors: Sarah Jessica Parker's New Hands

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"I daresay it was not SJP who wanted her hands Photoshopped… I suspect she did not request her hands to be made to look like babydoll hands stuck on the ends of the arms of a confident 45-year-old woman." [Shakesville]



This is my most recent gripe with the use of Photoshop (there are many) - why are they so determined to eliminate all the physical hallmarks that tend to go along with being thin? As in, bones get smoothed out, prominent tendons are vanished. Skinny people are bony (this isn't a criticism - I have a thing for skinny guys, the dude in my icon is 6 feet tall and under 135 pounds - I like skinny). If a person is very thin and works out a lot they will often have rather prominent tendons, also possibly raised veins. Bones will often be visible in the upper chest, pelvis, etc.

It seems to me like one of the more pernicious and nasty recent developments in photo editing, because it implies that even if you reach the cultural Holy Grail of being very thin and very toned, wait! Now we can see your bones, and that's gross. Women aren't supposed to have bones, or tendons, or veins. Let's hide them.

Basically it bothers me because it's yet another sign that our culture's current idea of what a woman is supposed to look like literally does not exist in nature.