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Phoebe Buffay/Valerie Cherish Goes After Fitz on Scandal

Illustration for article titled Phoebe Buffay/Valerie Cherish Goes After Fitz on emScandal/em

That's right: Lisa Kudrow appears on the next episode of Scandal, playing a Congresswoman named Josephine Marcus.


According to reports, Kudrow's character has "temper issues." It's not clear how many episodes she'll appear in, but her character has an arc, and might clash with the First Lady, Mellie. In the sneak peek snippet below, Marcus lashes out at President Fitzgerald, saying he needs to "tame his cobra." In which cobra means penis.


[The Wrap, IBT]

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I would say he has to stop thinking with his cobra, not tame it.

Cobras are awesome. Real ones I mean.

Not Fitz's. I don't like Fitz.