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Philadelphians Targeted By Cheater Blackmail Scam

Screengrab via CBS.
Screengrab via CBS.

The noble citizens of Philly are being terrorized by a scammer, a scammer who almost came up with the perfect con—but then they got greedy.


CBS Philly reports that people from northeast Philly to the main line neighborhood have been receiving letters that mention them by name, alleging that the letter writer knows that the recipient cheated on their spouse, and they have proof. It includes info on how to transfer $2,000 via bitcoin to prevent this proof from destroying their marriage. Even the newsroom’s executive producer, Steve Lindsay, reportedly received one of these dastardly missives.


According to the local CBS affiliate, police are warning letter recipients not to give their money away, even if they are cheaters in real life. It is unlikely this scammer has enough info to take down every person who has been unfaithful in the City of Brotherly Love. If the crook had just kept their threatening letters to a smaller circle, they might have trapped a few cheating idiots, and also forced them to figure out bitcoin, the greatest punishment of all.

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hockygrrl4 Agent of Chaos

I was briefly married for all the wrong reasons to the wrongest of Mr. Wrongs. Someone calls and says “X is on my sofa right now. I wish you would come and make him leave. What kind of wife are you?” My answer? “The grateful kind. Thanks for taking him off my hands. Best of luck to ya!”