Pharma-Cretin Martin Shkreli Heckles Hillary Clinton for Feeling Unwell

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lacking a better use for his time, Martin Shkreli—ex-pharmaceutical CEO and reprobate—planted himself outside of Chelsea Clinton’s New York City apartment on Sunday in order to heckle Hillary Clinton for feeling unwell.

Diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, Clinton suffered from “overheating” at a 9/11 memorial event and left early in order to rest at her daughter’s apartment. But lately the media has fixated on Clinton’s health with the pathologizing eye of a Victorian physician, and Trump supporters like Shkreli are especially keen to condemn her as a frail and thus unfit presidential candidate.

The Hill reports that Shkreli waited for Clinton to emerge from the apartment so that he could lob inane insults at her. “Do you need pharma-bro’s help?” he chortles in the video below. He also chants enthusiastically, “Drop out! Drop out!”


Clearly proud of himself for these feats of wit, Shkreli uploaded the footage to Twitter. He moreover assured his followers that he had a really delightful time behaving like an asshole.

A genuine blight upon humanity, Shkreli is responsible for jacking up the price of the life-saving drug Daraprim from $14 to $750 a pill. Patients with suppressed immune systems sometimes require this medication to treat a rare but deadly infection, and this exorbitant price may well be a death sentence for some. Shkreli is also currently under investigation for a variety of allegations, including fraud. By all accounts, he possesses no redeeming qualities, but he did snag a dope Wu-Tang LP.

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