Petition Succeeds in Removing ‘Child-Sized’ Sex Doll from Chinese Site

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The list of sordid products available to internet shoppers may be slightly shorter as of about 12 hours ago, when a Chinese site called DHgate apparently removed a "child-sized" sex doll from its listings.


The doll, which appears in screenshots to be modelled after a girl of about 9 or 10, ignited a huge firestorm over the last several days, culminating with articles in the HuffPo and the New York Daily News, and a Facebook petition from an advocacy group called Dining for Dignity calling for DHgate to remove the doll and apologize forthwith. According to a recent update on the petition's page, it seems that Dhgate has been quick to comply:

Yes, we collectively made a difference! The NY Daily News covered our story today. A rep from DH Gate contacted me, removed the doll in question and took a stand against pedophilia! Thank you so much for caring and making a difference. Your voice matters.


As if the listing itself wasn't 1,000-times more awful than you could've imagined (it boasts that the doll is "highly flexible"), the HuffPo points out that DHgate had sold 57 of the dolls before the doll was removed from the site.

Chinese Site Sells 'Child-Sized' Sex Doll: Protest Group Launched [HuffPo]

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You know how all those studies show that instances of rape decrease as access to porn increases? It seems to me that providing an outlet for pedophiles which doesn't include hurting children is a good thing. Pedophiles won't cease to exist because this doll is no longer for sale. I fail to see the benefit in removing a sex doll that provides a non living human child outlet for people born attracted to children.