Peter Sarsgaard Says He Wouldn't Work With Woody Allen Again, Jeff Daniels Isn't So Sure

The #MeToo movement and the consistent bravery of Dylan Farrow has forced a lot of actors to publicly explain why they worked with Woody Allen and answer the question of whether or not they will again. It’s taken a long time, and will take even longer if we keep going one by one, so here’s an interview with both Jeff Daniels and Peter Skarsgaard addressing the issue.

On Meet the Press Daily, both actors claimed they believe Dylan Farrow (now) and that they think it’s important to believe all victims who come forward about sexual abuse. Skarsgaard was able to say that he’d never appear in a movie directed by Allen again, after having done one film with the director, Blue Jasmine. Daniels hedged a bit; he just wasn’t sure.

“It’s a difficult decision because of Purple Rose of Cairo,” he said. “That movie will always be a great experience, a great movie for me, and he will always be a great American filmmaker. I got to work with him at the age of 30, and it changed my life.”


Both actors are enthusiastic about Allen’s directing in this interview, despite the serious allegations they say they believe. Clearly, for a certain group of people, working with Allen is a joy! So good, in fact, that Daniels added, “I believe Dylan Farrow. Would I do another one with Woody? The difficult decision would be to turn him down.”

The interview actually devolves from there, as Skarsgaard happily states he’ll keep watching Allen’s movies forever. The three men then chat about what creeps artists are. Guess if it’s everywhere, it’s nowhere.

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Jeff Daniels, in other words:

“Well, I know he sexually abused a little girl in his care, but, look, when I was a 30-year-old dude making making a film with him I had a great time, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

Jesus fucking christ.