Pete Davidson Now Likes to Keep Dating Casual

Circa 2017. May the new year bring us more solo file photos of Pete Davidson.
Circa 2017. May the new year bring us more solo file photos of Pete Davidson.
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What is casual for Pete Davidson? The man (and thirsty boy) was just engaged to Ariana Grande for four months that consumed headlines like an amorous furnace, so I’d really like to know where the bar is.

According to a source who conversed with Page Six on Tuesday, Pete has “been going on dates, but it’s casual. He’s been trying to move on and live a more private life.”

TMZ reported the same day that Davidson was seen on an apparent date with a “mystery woman” in New York City on Monday night.


A source tells Us Weekly “He’s single and not dating any one person not even seriously.” This latest development comes on the heels of a report that Davidson is using a dating app.

The good news for Pete is he’s a few gossip items away from being the patron saint of 25-year-old dudes on dating apps who “just got out of a big relationship, not looking for anything serious.”

[Page Six]

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande has extra Elle Woods material (at the 1:30 mark).

[Teen Vogue]

Epic barista gossip that’s also oat milk gossip.


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I finally gave in and watched the video for “thank you, next,” just to see all the pop culture references. This was also the first time I heard the song, and I just found it so incredibly blah. I kept waiting for it to kick in in some way but the whole thing felt like a terribly slow intro or something.

Can someone explain the fervor over the song to me, or is it just the video and I’ve misunderstood it as being about the song as well?