Pete Buttigieg Did Not Listen to Our Advice

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Screenshot: The View

Jezebel did its best to warn you. We tried, we really did, with all the limited power we possess. “Now is not the time to cut your hair,” we said. It was a matter of public service, really! Despite everything, we’re in this together. And yet, there were bound to be those who did not listen to this sage advice, determined to trek out into the great big beyond and chart their own course throughout the tempestuous landscape of at-home beauty. Pete Buttigieg, hair chopped and screwed and shaved and missing, currently leads the charge.


On The View, the former mayor and professional talking head debuted a new look: a shaved head and face. While his scalp was first seen by those willing to punish themselves watching his Instagram Lives, I was shocked to see he was missing his beard. It was the sort of beard you’d expect someone to grow after declaring themselves the winner of the presidential election before dropping out a few weeks later. Perhaps, now that he’s settling into his new career pivot as daytime talk show politics analyst, he wanted to debut a cleaner-cut look. Or, Buttigieg is still following the political playbook he was handed by whatever devil he spoke too when he told that spooky-looking mirror, “I’m gonna be president one day!

As for his interview with Meghan McCain, the two explored a whole host of fascinating topics, like the imaginary Bernie Bros who are going to elect Donald Trump, shortly after telling co-host Joy Behar “how important a voice” those Bernie Bros have been. (I’m still trying to parse the logic on this, myself.) He also said he has been “so impressed” by politicians from “both parties” who have stepped up on local levels to address the coronavirus pandemic. Mayor on mayor solidarity!

Anyway, the haircut itself is ultimately “fine,” but were he still doing a close reading of Obama’s post-presidency, why not just release a list of books he likes every once in a while?


"Not a real" DrDonna

That is really, really not a good look for him. He looks like he belongs in a particularly boring FMV game about, I dunno, mortgage insurance.