PETA Pulls Michelle Obama Ads • Cougars And Cubs Cruise Denied

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• PETA announced it's taking down the unauthorized anti-fur ads featuring Michelle Obama. Now PETA members want the White House to do something for them: Demand that Ringling Bros. change the name of its newest elephant, Baby Barack. •


• Good news for everyone still pushing that 80s revival: taking cocaine may actually make you smarter (with a great emphasis on may). Vice breaks down the science behind their dubious claim. • Federal Bailiffs Service in Russia is being sued for using unauthorized photographs of a 24-year-old woman as part of a sting operation. The "honey-trap" portrayed Yana Kulikova as "easy and made her a target for the psychologically unstable," according to her lawyer. Bailiffs found images of Kulikova by doing an internet search for "beauty." • Police Chief George Gascón wants to make San Francisco a ho-free zone by shaming johns. He has suggested that they start a website with pictures of every person caught patronizing a prostitute. Naturally, not everyone is on board with this idea. • Carnival Cruise Lines have turned down a request from a singles travel group host a cougar-themed cruise. Carnival says they simply have no room for the trip - which would feature both "cougars" and "cubs" (young men, obviously) - but analysts suggest that it is probably a good business decision for the family-oriented line. • According to a new study from the World Health Organization, c-sections are still far more dangerous for both mother and baby than vaginal birth. The WHO advises doctors in Asia to avoid cesarean sections unless there is a pressing medical need. • Animal rights activist Natasha Avery is currently incarcerated in the UK. One would think that would mean she'd have to give up her veganism - at least for a time - yet she somehow manages to live a completely vegan life in prison. She has been given non-leather boots for her work, and has an entire line of vegan body products. • Iris Robinson, the wife of Northern Ireland's First Minister, was caught recently having an affair. Her suddenly public dirty laundry has sparked a campaign to push "Mrs Robinson," the iconic pop song from The Graduate, to the top of the charts. • For many moms it's old news that diapers aren't covered by food stamps. Sadly, some parents are forced to choose between buying diapers and food - and guess which one wins out? Learn more about how to help here. • If judge Warren Wilbert allows the jury to consider a voluntary manslaughter defense in the trial of Scott Roeder, the man who murdered Dr. George Tiller could get as little as five years in prison. • A grandmother from Florida spent Thanksgiving in jail after she was arrested for drunk driving and promptly forgotten. The 78-year-old woman was the victim of several bureaucratic mistakes and recognizing their own errors, the judge dropped all charges against her.

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re: "Sadly, some parents are forced to choose between buying diapers and food - and guess which one wins out?"

Incorrect - the choice is never between the diapers and the food. There is always food, it is covered by the food stamps. We might be stingy as hell with cash assistance, but no one starves in America.

The choice is between diapers and rent, diapers and luxury items (like cigarettes and beer), diapers and clothes, etc. There is always food assistance.