In another edition of PETA Is The Worst, parents in Woodland Hills, California allege that the organization handed out pamphlets to their children at school containing graphic pictures of mutilated cows. The children were traumatized by these pamphlets on the same day that a baby cow was on campus as part of a lesson on dairy farming.

For a taste of the no-doubt graphic images, outraged parents described them to CBS News Los Angeles:

"My 6-year-old daughter was handed one of these comics, saw the insert of the mutilated cow that I ripped away right away, she started flipping through it and saw pictures of baby cows being electrocuted, factory farms with machetes, I mean, just graphically horrifying images for a 6 year old," Borsheim said.

"The images are pretty graphic," parent Shawn Belschner said. "They're of mutilated cows, infected cows, cows being dehorned, cows in bad conditions. I don't think it's good for any child."

The graphic leaflet showing cows being dehorned and cows with infected udders was PETA says is a kid-friendly pamphlet about dairy cows – literature they say is meant to be educational.


For their part, PETA is saying that they intended the pamphlet, entitled "A Cow's Life" to be filled with cartoon images instead, but that volunteers mixed them up.

What's to come out of all of this? The parents say they are considering suing PETA, which sucks for the organization. On the bright side for them, I can totally see some of those children growing up to be vegan monsters who will tell everyone that'll listen about that fateful day they learned what "A Cow's Life" really meant.

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