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Pet Cat That Wandered Into Box Was Accidentally Shipped 700 Miles From Home

This cat lives in Istanbul.
This cat lives in Istanbul.
Image: Getty

This is the tale of Baloo, so chill he climbed into a cube. He got shipped to Montreal, tire rims and all, so now he’s all over the news!


On Friday, CTV reported that a 1-year-old cat-resident of Nova Scotia named Baloo had sneaked into a package containing tire rims and was subsequently shipped to Nova Scotia. Baloo’s (I’m assuming) extremely glamorous owner, Jacqueline Lake, told the news station, “He got under so he wasn’t on top. He had gotten in through the little hole in the rim down into the bottom of the box.”

Lake became frantic about the missing cat a day after the package was sent. “We knocked door-to-door, we searched the woods we searched under decks, in garages, under steps. He was gone.”


The package was bound for Alberta, but Baloo was discovered by a delivery driver in Montreal, 17-hours into his fabulous journey. An SPCA shelter manager located the owners simply by using the package’s tracking code.

And so it was that after 10 days in transit, Baloo the cat was returned to sender.

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