Pervy Gymnastics Coach Banned From Sport For Life

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An investigation into the conduct of US Gymnastics coach Don Peters has concluded that his sexual misconduct with teenage gymnasts in the 1980's warrants a lifetime ban from the sport. He's also being removed from the US Gymnastics Hall of Fame.


In September, three women came forward to accuse Peters of having sex with them while working with him at his gym in Huntington Beach, California. The former gymnasts further alleged that Peters's conduct represented a dismayingly common secret in the sport. All three alleged victims were teenagers at the time and in some cases, the sexual contact was illegal, but because the statute of limitations had expired when the allegations came to light, Peters can't be prosecuted criminally for his conduct.

The United States Gymnastics Team can, however, throw the mightiest banhammer they can muster at him.


Ex Olympian gymnastics coach Don Peters accused of sex abuse, banned for life [ESPN]

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Kat Callahan

Quick question: did he admit culpability, or did US Gymnastics feel they had hard evidence?

I know we generally want to believe the alleged victims, but I'm curious as to how one gets banned for life without a thorough investigation.