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Period Pieces

Illustration for article titled Period Pieces

Did you know that when women menstruate they turn into men? Big, burly, hairy, wrestling, mask-wearing men. At least, that's about all we could gather from this Chilean ad, which is, inexplicably, marketing Midol-like pills to men. [AnimalNewYork]


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rixatrix is a smug cunt

I do find my tolerance for BS drops to zero when I'm on my period - I suppose asserting that makes me more like a man. Or a bitch, as they call it when you're a woman.

You hear that, Mr. Rixatrix? My tolerance for BS is zero right now! I cannot believe you ate the last tortilla without asking - you should know better! PMS Girlfriend is HUNGRY.

Seriously. A smart man would bring home tortillas with the Midol. I'm just saying.