Perfumania Restocks Trump Colognes After Cutting Ties Over Racist Remarks

Image screengrab via Perfumania
Image screengrab via Perfumania

Perfumania, that store in the mall where a bunch of perfume bottles appear to be lined up like a battalion ready to take back their country, has chosen to restock President-Elect Donald Trump’s colognes after pulling them last year.


In July 2015, Forbes—describing Perfumania as the “largest fragrance retailer”—reported that the chain would stop selling Trump’s colognes, Success by Trump and Empire by Trump. A spokesperson told Forbes at the time, “Perfumania is winding down its retail business with the Trump fragrance brand.” The decision was reportedly triggered by Trump’s racist remarks calling Mexican immigrants rapists.

Perfumania has now reportedly brought back those tarnished Trump fragrances. A 3.4-oz. bottle of Empire by Trump eau de toilette is currently selling for $49.60 on their site, and Success by Trump is selling for $47.99. 

TMZ reports:

The company was very vocal about its efforts to get out of its deal with the Donald, and eventually removed the ‘Empire by Trump’ and ‘Success by Trump’ fragrances from shelves and online stores.

Lo and behold, now that he’s headed for the White House ... Perfumania is hawking the Trump colognes again in the New Arrivals section of its website. The company wouldn’t tell us exactly when it climbed back on board — pre or post election results. Officially, a rep would only say, “no comment.”

Ironically, when major companies like Macy’s were cutting their ties with Trump last year, our future president said, “They’ll all be back” and blamed P.C. culture.

In case you’re curious, both Trump colognes appear to be incredibly masculine. Empire by Trump contains “crisp notes of peppermint, rich chai accord and a hint of juicy apple” and “a masculine blend of orange flower and jasmine that mingles with exotic tonka bean.” Success boasts a “masculine combination of rich vetiver, tonka bean, birchwood and musk.”


Perfumania Holdings had not yet responded to an email request for comment and its VP/CFO was unavailable for comment by phone at the time this story was published. We’ll update this post if a rep responds.

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I am trying to put together a list of companies that donated to DT in order to not shop with them, and list of companies that donated the other way, so my dollars go to support business with some kind of conscience.