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People Went Crazy For Target's Lilly Pulitzer Line This Morning

Illustration for article titled People Went Crazy For Targets Lilly Pulitzer Line This Morning

This morning Target launched its collaboration with whimsical print queen, Lilly Pulitzer. And unsurprisingly, it turned into a epic shit show because affordable Lilly Pulitzer is something that a certain kind of Southern woman dreams about a night.


Women lined up outside of Targets to grab the perfect pair of pink and green cropped pants and, by 8 a.m., the entire collection was sold out. Lilly buyers also managed to crash Target’s website.


Here’s a line outside of a Richmond, Virginia Target (pretty sure half of my graduating class is in this line).

Here’s a shot of the Watertown, Massachusetts store after the hoards were allowed through the doors. In the ensuing chaos, monogrammed jewelry was ripped and Vera Bradley handbags were used as weapons (probably).


And then the criticism:


And finally, the anger:


Image via Getty.

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I just checked out the collection on target dot com, and I don’t get it. It’s all tacky-floral old lady resort wear. Who would wear this shit?