People Are Suing the Lip Balm Brand EOS for Allegedly Causing Blisters and Rashes [UPDATED]

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Several customers are suing the brand EOS, claiming that the company’s popular lip balm caused blistering and other harsh reactions.


Rachael Cronin brought a class action suit against EOS, alleging that using the lip balm led to “severe rashes, bleeding, blistering, cracking and loss of pigmentation” on her lips, according to TMZ:

Cronin claims her experience was awful ... she says within hours of applying the balm, her lips felt like sandpaper, so she applied it again. She claims her lips started cracking, flaking and bleeding, creating blisters and rashes which lasted 10 days.

No word on the specific amount the individuals are seeking in damages.

Customers have previously complained about rashes and mold on the product over the years, and it seems like that issue is still ongoing.

Earlier this week, one user wrote under a photo on the company’s Facebook page: “I like EOS as much as the next girl, but I find that they get moldy so I don’t buy them anymore. I get lip balm just as good for half of the price.” An Amazon reviewer also wrote: “MOLD-My eos lip balm grew mold over the weekend when I was away from my office where I store it...”

Kim Kardashian (above), Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus are among the celebs seen schilling EOS as spokespersons.


UPDATE: A spokesperson for EOS sent the following statement to Jezebel: “We firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and meet or exceed all safety and quality standards set out by our industry and validated by rigorous testing conducted by an independent lab. The health and well-being of our customers is our top priority and millions of satisfied customers use our products every day, many of whom take the time to share their experiences with us.”

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Anyone have any amazing lip balm suggestions? I’ve tried everything in the drug store over the years. I live in a very humid climate and when it dries out in the winter my lips get horribly chapped. I’m also super prone to cold sores so that doesn’t help. Currently I’m using Burts Bees ultra conditioning but I still feel like I have to apply it constantly. I also bought some Fresh Sugar lip balm this weekend at Sephora and I think I like it so far but I immediately got a cold sore so I’m reserving judgments until that’s clear.

Edit to clarify I don’t think the cold sore was caused by the fresh. I’ve got a nasty sinus infection which usually comes with a nice rash across my lip and swollen lymph nodes. At least I have lots and lots of valtrex to ease some of it.