People Are So, So Pissed Andy Murray Hired a Female Coach

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Tennis star Andy Murray hired a woman to be his new coach and some people are predictably furious about it.


I'm sorry, let me slightly correct my lede: Andy Murray hired a new coach who he feels is the best person for this job based on his own assessment and beliefs and only the worst kinds of jerks are expressing outrage about it. Via ESPN:

Murray hired former top-ranked player Amelie Mauresmo as his coach on Sunday, saying the appointment is initially for the grass-court season. "I'm excited by the possibilities of the new partnership and Amelie is someone I have always looked up to and admired," Murray said in a statement. "She's faced adversity plenty of times in her career, but was an amazing player and won major titles, including Wimbledon."

*GASPS* You mean a top professional athlete hired someone based on their skill and talent and didn't see their gender as a reason to disqualify them from the job? THE HORROR.

Plenty of assholes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttted this and used Twitter to have a nuanced discussion of the complexities of gender dynamics in professional athletics, as Buzzfeed helped demonstrate.


At this point, we expect shitty comments from people on Twitter reacting stupidly to news such as this. But things take an especially shitty turn when people start questioning her femininity.


These people might want to keep in mind that Murray was coached by his mom, Judy Murray growing up. So the amount of fucks he probably gives about these dopey people's opinions is exactly ZERO.

"I have a very strong coaching team already in place, but I think Amelie brings with her experience and tactical expertise and will push us all to improve," Murray said. "Everyone I know talks very highly of Amelie, as a person and coach, and I'm convinced that her joining the team will help us push on — I want to win more Grand Slams."


Also, like Buzzfeed, I want to point out that there's also a lot of people who are enthusiastically showing their support for Murray and his decision. Don't worry, the world's not just filled with assholes who can't stand progress.


Thank you. Faith in humanity restored.

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Mauresmo was an excellent player. Good on Murray.

(She also got a lot of that looks-based crap because she was competing with Kournikova, Sharapova and the young Williams sisters, back when the WTA looked like it was just going to start hiring straight from the Ford Agency for a while.)

(also because she's been openly lesbian for quite a while- if you ever needed more reason to hate Martina Hingis, here:…)