President Barack Obama sparked outrage across America yesterday, when he interrupted one of the nation's most sacred and stoic traditions—watching The Price is Right in the middle of the day.

President Obama is such a selfish jerkface jerkman! On Wednesday, he held a press conference to discuss the ongoing troubles with the Department of Veterans Affairs. (Remember the people who died because the agency was hiding a backlog thousands of veterans in an off-the-books system?) But forget about what he had to say about the death of our nation's veterans while they were supposedly being treated by the very system set up to care for them! What's really important here is the uninterrupted viewing of a game show that is literally on five days a week.

We are officially living in Crazy Times. Take refuge in your basements. Lock all your doors. Board up the windows. Most of all, don't ever, ever fuck with people who are trying to watch a game of Plinko.

Yes, it's so rude to address the concerns of millions of Americans that a major government agency is forging records to cover their own ass.

Yes, priorities, America! What's important here is who won the Showcase Showdown! Isn't that what our veterans fought for in the first place?


God is embarrassed for you, dude:


He interrupted people who were trying to lay down! This is tyranny! #donttreadonme



Sigh. Can you imagine if one day there's some major global crisis and the President has interrupt Game of Thrones because aliens just blew up Europe or something? Everyone would be too busy screaming about Littlefinger getting cut off in the middle speech to even notice.


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