People Are Going Apeshit Over Allure's Beauty Box Disaster

Allure's springtime Beauty Box is something plenty of women look forward to every year. Filled with full-sized hair, beauty, and hygienic products, it's quite the bargain. It's sells out like lightning, and people tend to lose their goddamn minds over it. So you can imagine just how people felt when Allure's site crashed just as the Beauty Box went on sale last week.

They rescheduled the sale for yesterday, but it was still wrought with confusion and probably server issues—some customers reported being redirected to a 'Sold Out' page even after entering credit card information. Like always, not everyone made it out with a Beauty Box, but given the disaster of their site crash, those who tried multiple times (on multiple devices and browsers) and were still left empty-handed were understandably furious. So they took to the comments section to voice their concerns, which ranged from pretty fucking livid-pissed to really fucking foaming-at-the-mouth pissed:


Hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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