If you're bored with inking up normal parts of your body, tooth tattoos might be the thing for you.

Yes, this just what you think it is—tattoos on your teeth. It's definitely not a new thing, but the trend is becoming more popular these days. Via Complex:

According to dentist Steven Landman of Ellington Dental Associates in Connecticut, people are now getting their teeth inked. While this is the first (and hopefully last) we've heard of it, Landman says he has been performing this procedure for the past decade. It gets even weirder/funnier: in order to have the procedure done on your pearly whites, they can't actually be pearly whites. "Tatteeth," as it's being called, is only meant for patients who are in need of a dental crown. How it works is a dentist takes an impression of the tooth where the crown will later be fitted. The tooth mold is then sent to a dental lab where the design is added. For $75 to $200, you can have your favorite art work on your teeth. And the possibilities are endless—people have gotten Homer Simpson, the Oakland Raider's logo, and cats.

Hey, if this is your thing, more power to you! I find it hard to believe that my family dentist, Dr. Floyd would ever be cool with doing this for me though. He spent most of his time with me giving me long lectures on the importance of maintaining proper dental health. He once talked to me for 35 minutes about the symptoms of gingivitis and actively encouraged me to keep what he called a "flossing journal." I think if during that I would have stopped him to ask about the possibility of getting a snake tattoo on one my teeth, he probably would have dropped dead on the spot.


Image via Pacific Dental Associates