People Are Apparently This Crazy About Having Blue Eyes

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While many have been suffering from incurable conditions that make them unable to see, Dr. Gregg Homer has been figuring out how to turn brown eyes blue. The California doctor says that after 10 years of research he's figured out that brown pigment can be removed from the surface of the iris with a laser, revealing the blue eyes below.


The procedure takes about 20 seconds and the change occurs within three weeks. Homer says multiple tests have shown no signs of tissue damage, but he admits there could be negative side effects that have yet to be discovered. Take a tip from Ned Flanders: The surgery may seem great at first, but at the 10-year mark your eyes will fall out.



I have ridiculously light eyes and I would like to make some sort of formal statement to the world that there's a reason the default eye color is brown. The genetic mutation present in light eyes isn't exactly harmful but it is painful at times and bothersome when you can't do more than squint in bright sunlight and your eyes start to water and burn when you step outside. You'd think the winter would be better, but the reflection on the white snow actually makes things worse. Sunglasses are basically a part of my daily routine, no matter the season, unless it's a dark and cloudy day. Not only do they allow me to actually open my eyes, but they provide the UV protection that is also sorely lacking when you're missing the dark color pigments.