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Pentagon To Gay Troops: Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Us!

Illustration for article titled Pentagon To Gay Troops: Wait, Wait, Dont Tell Us!

The Pentagon yesterday warned soldiers not to out themselves to their co-workers and superiors — despite the moratorium on enforcing Don't Ask Don't Tell — because the Obama Administration is appealing the ruling. [Talking Points Memo]


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On the one hand, I want to see DADT repealed now.

On the other, I understand the Justice Department has an obligation to uphold the law, that Obama is actually forbidden from getting rid of this by executive order, that Obama will sign legislation getting rid of DADT as soon as the Senate passes it, and that if DADT was repealed tomorrow it would probably mobilize more right-wing wackos than liberals and hurt the Dems in the elections.

I'm willing to not hate Obama for this as long as DADT is repealed between election day and the new session of congress.