In today's edition of Missing The Point, Penny Arcade, a large gaming company that has previously dredged up controversy for making rape jokes, is trying to be diverse by offering diversity lounges at its Seattle, Boston, and Melbourne expos.

According to the Daily Dot:

An anonymous Penny Arcade (PA) employee leaked internal documents to game review sites IndieStatik and Rock Paper Shotgun last night detailing the franchise's plans to create a "Roll for Diversity" lounge at each conference site. The lounge would function partially as an info-booth area, a place where attendees could stop by and receive brochures and other kinds of information on inclusivity-related issues and subgroups.


Sounds like Penny Arcade sure knows how to put the "fun" into diversity. They also know how to pay lip service to promoting diversity within the tech industry by setting up areas that attendees can simply swing by while making their way to the all-male/white main event.

Not surprisingly, people raised some eyebrows on twitter, including this person:


Or maybe they got their inspiration from The Office. Do you think they'll have an exercise like this in the diversity lounge?