Pennsylvania Woman Recorded Her Own Shooting Death By Boyfriend, Prosecutors Say

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A Pennsylvania woman who was shot and killed by her boyfriend in front of her children managed to record audio of the incident on her phone, prosecutors said. Wesley Webb captured the sounds of Keith Robert Smith attacking and shooting her, evidence which will now be used in his murder trial.


CBS reports that Webb, 40, of West Chester, Pennsylvania, died on May 2 after Smith shot her with a 12-gauge shotgun, then tried unsuccessfully to kill himself. The Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan called the murder “savage, selfish and cowardly,” adding, “The defendant did not hesitate to kill his girlfriend. But he flinched when it came to killing himself.”

The audio Webb managed to capture runs from the time of the shooting to when police officers arrived at the home. According to the Associated Press, the sound of the gunshot can be heard and then Webb’s killer’s voice “uttering an expletive” followed by the words “How’s that? That’s where we just went.”

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office said they believe Webb and Smith began fighting because she was trying to leave the home, taking two of the children with her. One of the children reportedly called 911 after the shooting. Smith is charged with murder, criminal homicide, child endangerment, a weapons charge, and reckless endangerment.

Keith Robert Smith. Mugshot via Chester County District Attorney’s Office

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