Penn State Frat Shut Down Following Sexual Harassment Investigation

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Good riddance, Kappa Delta Rho: Penn State University shut down the notorious fraternity for three years following a sexual harassment investigation effective this past Tuesday.


If its name rings a bell/causes your stomach to feel queasy, that’s because we first reported in March the suspension of several Kappa Delta Rho brothers after a “secret” Facebook page, laden with photos of unconscious (and often nude) women, drug deals and hazing was uncovered. Two months later, the university has finally come to its senses in shutting that shit down, albeit somewhat temporarily—though not without interference from the school’s “Interfraternity Council” (seriously: that’s a thing?), which recommended the equivalent of a hand slap than a full-blown sentence.

Reports AP Online:

Penn State said it found members had forced pledges to run errands, clean the house, participate in boxing matches and maintain a painful posture similar to a pushup position, called a plank, with bottle caps under their elbows. Pledges also produced stories with pornographic images and what was described as a sex position of the day. The university said underage drinking and drug sales and use also were problems.

Two women, the university said, were subject to persistent harassment.

The matter became public after State College police said in a search warrant they were looking into a Facebook page where, a former member told them, members shared photos of drug sales, hazing and unsuspecting victims, some of whom appeared to be asleep or passed out. The department hasn’t released the results of its investigation.

Kappa Delta Rho’s probation period ends in May 2018, when pending university review, it may be eligible for operation once again. Let’s hope that, by then, the school sees how much better off it is without a bunch of piece of shit douchebags patting each other on the back for performing unspeakable acts and decides to keep the fraternity’s termination permanently.

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Really?!? This is an F-ing gang. Any three black or brown people in the general vicinity of one another are classified as a gang, and here you have an organization of individuals with affirmative membership, jumping in process (boxing matches??) actively engaged in drug sales and sexual assault. WHERE IS THE GANG INJUNCTION?!?! WHERE ARE THE RICO CHARGES!!?!? This is bullshit. This is one of the many glaring ways in which the system is biased and unfair against minorities. Guarantee 100% that the same people who freaking participated in this GANG or others like it across the country are the same ones that are voting for these laws like gang enhancements, while sponsoring generations of illicit activity.

Fuck this so hard. I never wished I was a prosecutor more than I do right now. (Although, to be honest, I have never really wished to be a prosecutor before.)