Penis Tombstones Are Giant, Rock-Hard...And In Iran

Let's face it, "Her hands tightly wrapped around a giant penis-shaped tombstone" is an irresistible story lede. Even if no one has much idea why there are penis-shaped tombstones in Iran. But who doesn't like an erotic countryside romp?

GlobalPost's unnamed Iran correspondent — because apparently even slideshows on ruins shaped like genitalia can put you at risk there — writes that the ancient tombstones have become a tourist destination among young people, and implies that this is because they are starved for sexual stimulation.


"It remains for researchers to explore," he/she observes sagely, "but for now, to many average Iranians, it makes for a good laugh."

(Here's a more scholarly assessment.)

Oh, and assignment editors are scrambling to keep up with the breaking penis cemetery news, according to the Help A Reporter Out Twitter feed. (The first word is an acronym of the service).


Sometimes it's hard to fill the news hole.

In Iran, Tombstones Shaped Like Penises Delight Tourists
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Image Via Global Post

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